New Markets

AKSA Group has successfully established its consultancy in Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Zambia to move forward on the priority infrastructure projects.

AKSA is also able to assist in the financing through the Government of Canada and other financial institutions, if required, subject to qualification to ensure specific implementation of the project.

AKSA may also undertake to provide Power Solutions under an Independent Power Project (IPP) on a long term basis in the future.

In Africa, several countries needs have been on a temporary power emergency basis in the past several years. This created a disadvantage for the countries involved, since the cost of kilo watt per hour was significantly higher compared to that now available through AKSA under the current program. Even though the capital cost with the introduction of turbine engines is significantly higher, the overall operating cost is much lower than with the older model piston engine. Thus, the new program allows an individual country to purchase a permanent power solution for a much lower cost.

The next generation of power projects would be the introduction of nuclear energy and improvements to hydro electricity. Should the opportunity arise, AKSA will entertain these next generation projects.

In conclusion, the various infrastructure projects, as mentioned above, will assist many countries in achieving their goals and requirements in a very short period of time at a very reasonable cost.